His Excellency, Ambassador of Japan Junichi Maruyama and representatives of the Japan Business Alliance in Serbia, visited Nimma Hub on Tuesday, 23 April. During the visit, we exchanged opinions and experiences regarding the role of strategic communication in modern business systems, as well as the challenges posed by innovations such as blockchain technology, and complex

Anyone who had the opportunity to participate in a market game will agree that strategic communication is a process that is never interrupted by the referee’s whistle. The reason is simple – different communication campaigns with their creative expressions build a continuous cycle that needs to be constantly evaluated. Just like in a sports match,

When Jeff Howe used the term crowdsourcing for the first time in his 2006 article for Wired magazine, he did so wanting to describe a phenomenon that already existed. This fact is more interesting than the very topic we will be covering in this text, exactly because people, as the final destination we are communicating

No matter what you do, we can probably agree on the fact that in our regular business life, we often get to create more or less wanted connections with business associates, partners, competitors and very rarely, if karma is having a good day, with a good chick. If you are lucky enough to be working

Developing a creative concept for a corporate event is always challenging, because the final result not only has to carry the desired message, but it has to do so in a context which will both be interesting to participants and make them feel comfortable. Last Thursday in November is traditionally marked in the planners of

For decades now, Serbian market has been plagued with increasing unemployment, low purchasing power of working people and their constant over-indebtedness. This is why consolidation loans always have been an extremely popular product. The offer of consolidation loans is also constantly on the rise, in line with the demand. Each of the 30 banks operating

Blockchain. When it strolled into the mainstream, majority of people saw it just as a staple term that follows the news about leading cryptocurrencies. Stories about individuals who gained fortune overnight have been replaced by those about investments that are essential to acquire that fortune, and then the focus gradually begun to shift to the