The application of blockchain technology can represent a huge potential, if the project’s development  is approached in a way that allows the recognition of real market potential of particular products and services.

This is exactly the reason we do not see blockchain as a revolutionary but rather evolutionary improvement which can release its full potential and bring positive transformations, if implemented adequately. In accordance with that, our services are based on tested methods and principles of strategic market planning and communications. 

New product development support
The latest big drop in the cryptocurrency market value led to the cancellation of many projects that had finished their own ICO campaigns successfully. One of the main reasons for this is the failure in the development of minimum viable products that would be presented on the market and serve as the grounds for the construction of the desired position. Our support in this segment is directed at detecting key values, products modelling and formulating its unique selling proposition.

ICO campaign support
Each campaign is directed at collecting financial resources, precise targeting of the relevant public, tactical planning and the selection of adequate media channels that will allow the successful promotion. Our consulting services focus on the improvement of project potential and overall operations which will contribute to the successful conversion and campaign goal achievement.

Community development
We are constantly developing and testing different communities in the existing decentralized ecosystems in order to measure the real effect of this technology on the users’ participation and the quality of user generated content. This allows us to gather and engage the targeted public and raise awareness of specific products and services, creating long-lasting connections with their potential users.

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