When we talk about the END2END communication model, we actually refer to an integrated services system pertaining to each phase in the communication cycle, from designing and placing the message, monitoring, and analysis of its reach and effect, to detecting critical points, finding corrective factors, redefining communication strategy and its operational implementation.

END2END communications are based on the methodology developed within the NIMMA HUB, business system that was designed as an innovative, rounded approach to the information and communications market. Partner companies, NIMMA HUB members, provide services based on a long-standing experience in the areas of media, media monitoring, market research and public opinion, business consulting, education, strategic communications, development and implementation of logistic solutions. 

END2END methodology

Media monitoring. Detection and collection of all relevant media content presents a crucial step towards acquiring relevant information on what the public is talking about. Having access to timely and comprehensive content of this kind creates the information capital, based on which it is possible to measure the results of overall efforts put in reputation building.

Analysis. After we gather information, we begin its analysis and start detecting patterns which pinpoint the way in which target public perceive a particular entity or topic.

Research. To recognize the reason does not mean to reveal the cause. Thorough research based on previously detected signals allows the detection of real motivational factors and the recognition of all the critical points whose overcoming we need to work on. This phase synthesizes all the previous findings and reveals why they are talking about us in a particular way.

Strategic planning. After diagnostic and comprehensive analysis of the problem we start planning, which encompasses all the key operations we need to take in order to achieve the set goals. Strategic planning paves the way from the initial idea to the moment in which the direct contact with the target public is made.

Operational solution implementation. In accordance with the previously defined strategy, we move to the development and implementation of operational solutions. The END2END model has its structural, but also control and corrective functions at each phase of operational process, regardless if the goal achievement comes via an integrated approach or individual solutions in the areas of the business model, strategic communications, human resources or use of modern technologies.

END2END services

Media monitoring
Media analytics
Market and public opinion research
Strategic planning
Operational solutions and implementation

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