The new generation of the Internet based on blockchain and application of the NFT concepts already represents a trend in which numerous global companies have recognized the opportunity to improve their communication, corporate reputation, and overall business results.

Adidas, Nike, Samsung, Louis Vuitton, Mcdonald's, and Burger King are just examples of brands that started to build their reputation on the NFT scene. To enable national and regional companies to use the potential of new technologies in this rapidly growing market, we have developed a unique system of services that include:


NFT basics –  the key features of Non Fungible Tokens.
NFT creation – understanding the basics of NFT development.
NFT Concept development - from the idea to NFT collection.
NFT project workshop – an interactive session aimed at developing project documentation and defining all the parameters necessary to initiate the development of the NFT collection.


Web3 trends are fast generated, which presents a significant challenge to the planning process. On the other hand, the NFT market is volatile, turbulent, and subject to numerous macro and micro influences. Our research service provides insight into:

— General market analysis – trends in NFT collecting, capital movements.

— Trend analysis - characteristics of leading projects and market sentiment.

— SWOT analysis


NFT development    

The prerequisite for a successful NFT collection launch is an original idea, supported by functionalities that contribute to sustainability and create additional value. The NFT development service includes:


— Development of the NFT project concept

— Development of the creative strategy

— Development of the communication strategy



— Defining the traits of the NFT collection

— Development of the visual identity

— Design and NFT collection generation



— Development of NFT utility (staking, token generation, gamification...)

— Smart Contract development

— Collection launch



— Design and production of promotional materials

Implementation of online and offline promotional campaigns

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