Planning and organizing the communication process is one of the key requirements for successful cooperation within complex systems which include people, organizations, suppliers and all other parties that affect the product or service, from their developmental phase until they reach the end-consumer.

However, communication is often recognized as one of the main challenges in internal operations and in cooperation with external partners and all other participants in the supply chain. This situation is quite understandable because everyone has the need to exchange large amounts of information, whereby it is not only important that their flow is smooth, but that, at all times, they are emitted in an efficient way that will simultaneously ensure that the wrong perception does not occur, i.e. situations in which communication ceases to be supportive of the process and becomes an aggravating factor. To enable this, it is necessary to establish a sustainable communication processes that will contribute to the increase in productivity, regardless of whether they are performed in warehouses, distribution centres, transportation or among end-consumers.

In order to provide an integrated approach to strategic communication in the manner which will follow rules of complex ecosystems, in cooperation with partners from the Serbian Supply Chain Professionals Association we created services which are based on many years of expertise and results in the largest regional and global business systems - which add an additional level to the development of strategic communication.

Supply Chain Consulting

Assistance in implementing concrete operational solutions intended for improving the supply chain and for optimisation of existing processes with the aim of increasing efficiency and total productivity.

Supply Chain Workshops

Organisation of special events and trainings intended for improving internal capacities and capabilities. Working with proven experts and professionals with many years of experience and results, we create custom educational-interactive formats, and transfer the knowledge and skills which can be applied to business operations immediately.

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